Suckless is a group of developers who make programs that stick to the unix philosophy of doing one thing and doing it well. they have developed programs like dwm, dmenu and st, which are all minimal by design.

The main feature of suckless programs is the way they are configured. instead of having to edit a config file that has a weird syntax. you go and edit the source code of the actual program itself. that means that every different configuration of suckless programs is almost like a fork of the original project.

most of these programs are written in C. but you dont need to do every bit of code to configure suckless programs on your own because members of the community have made “patches”, that you can download and add to your build. these patches do all sorts of things that wouldnt be easy to implement for most users. in this blogpost we will look into how to patch these programs and how to remove patches if you end up hating them.

This is sort of a personal cheatsheet for me, because I always forget how to patch suckless stuff :)

first open the suckless website and find a program that you want to use and clone it. in this example I’ll demonstrate using the dmenu tool which is an app launcher that can also do a bunch of other stuff

git clone
cd dmenu

next open the patches tab from the sidebar and find a patch you want to apply. for example i’ll add a patch called border that adds a colored border to your dmenu prompt. to do that you will need to navigate to the patch page. find the download link and download it. I prefer to use wget but you can right click and choose save link as. make sure to download the file to the directory for your suckless program


next is the most important step we will use the patch command to apply the patch to the program

patch -p1 < name-of-patch.diff

finally compile the code using the make command

sudo make install